Texas Puppy Club Elections

Welcome to the Texas Puppy Club elections page. Nominations are open for the following officer positions:

  • Director & Secretary (1 Year Term)

  • Director & Treasurer (2 Year Term)

  • Director of Membership (2 Year Term)

  • Director & Events Coordinator (1 Year Term)

We are also accepting nominations for regional representative positions (all 1 year terms):

  • Houston

  • Austin

  • San Antonio

  • Dallas

  • Fort Worth

  • El Paso

Nominating for a Board Position

Nominations will be open from Wednesday, October 13 through Sunday, November 14. To qualify, you need to have attended at least 2 Texas Puppy Club events over the last year. This can include Woofstock or bar nights. Also, due to Covid and the limited number of events we've had, you also qualify if you have been a club member in good standing for at least 1 year prior to November 28, 2021.


To nominate yourself of someone else, send us an email at information@texaspuppyclub.com and let us know. We will need a picture of you (puppy hoods are fine) and a short bio so we can post it in the Nominees section below.

Meet the Candidates at the Election Open House

On Sunday, November 21, 2021 at 7:00 PM CST, we will hold an Election Open House via a special chat room in Telegram. The meeting chat will be open for 24 hours. We will ask each of the nominees for office to join us to introduce themselves and be able to answer any questions from the membership.

We ask that the attendees:

  • Be respectful

  • Tag each question to a specific person/people with "@"

  • Give reasonable time for an answer

  • Keep questions/answers relevant to topics that involve the board nominees, elections, and TPC logistics.

  • No unrelated chatter.

The Election

The election will be handled electronically. On Sunday, November 21, we will send each member in good standing a link to the online election ballot and a special code to use for voting. The election will be open from November 21 starting at 7:00 PM though November 28 ending at 6:00 PM.

The Results

The results of the election will be announced at our TPC Annual Meeting on Sunday, November 28 at 7:00 PM and also via email announcement shortly thereafter. More details about the Annual Meeting will be sent to the membership closer to time.

Meet the Nominees

Director & Secretary

Pup Wylie

I am pup Wylie and have been a pup since late 2015. I am proud to be one of the founders of Texas Puppy Club and Woofstock Texas and hope to continue to be a part of the board moving forward. 

I've been in the leather / kink community since 1998. Early on, I remember watching other pups play and have fun and feeling a longing to get down on my hands and knees and join them. Finally in late 2015, I opened up my inner pup and haven't looked back since.

My vision for Texas Puppy Club has always been to create a safe space where all pups and pet players can come together and share. I would be honored to continue to serve all our membership for another year to continue to work towards that vision.

Director & Treasurer

Gogo Bear

Director of Membership

Patrick Frey

Director & Events Coordinator

Pup Mufasa

I've been a pup since 1984. And in the years before pup play became popular I was pretty much alone. I love the fact that now I have a lot more friends to play with. Because of that I would like to help create events that all the pups will love in the various cities that we belong to. I have friends in every one of those cities and would love to share their love of pup play. I won't get into the story of how I became a pup but I will tell you this my original name was not Mufasa.


I was lucky enough to raise Huskies as a child and that's pretty much what I am. My Huskies name was Mufasa. He was an absolute beast. He was one full hand taller then any of the other puppies in our group or pack. These Huskies were being trained to be iditarod dogs. And my pup what is a pack alpha. I was raised in the backwoods of Wisconsin on a dairy farm.


I hope that you will consider me as an events coordinator and excited to try to help this organization grow.   ARF BARK AWWWWOOOOOOO

Pup Pike

Woof, woof! I'm Pup Pike! I've been a pup since 2015, and I was a founding member of Texas Puppy Club. I'm running for Events Coordinator/Director of Social Outreach as a continuation of my longstanding direct support of the Texas human pup play community.


The Events Coordinator/Director of Social Outreach has three main roles:

First, as a Director of the TPC Board, they co-manage the finances, activities and goals of the Club. As a former DFW Regional Representative (a non-voting board member), I am familiar with the Club bylaws and policies and procedures. I successfully worked to temporarily suspend membership dues early in the pandemic while on the board. As a Director, I will work to make details of TPC finances and meetings more transparent to membership and the community. This role also requires attendance at virtual board meetings, a standard which has been an issue for some former board members but one I am comfortable meeting.


Second, as Event Coordinator, they work with Regional Representatives, vendors, and others to plan events for the membership. As former DFW Regional Representative, I organized the second Pups on Ice event and the first barcade event. As a member of the Woofstock 2019 and 2021 planning committees and as Woofstock 2019 Volunteer Coordinator, I helped organize those Woofstock events from pre-planning to post-event recaps, including turning Woofstock 2019's dance party into a glow paint dance party.


Third, as Social Outreach Director, they publicize and advertise for TPC events and for the club. As a former web editor and DFW Regional Representative, I have firsthand knowledge and experience for advertising for the club for events, including Woofstock 2019, Pups on Ice 2019, and the first Fort Worth barcade event. I will also work with other pup play clubs including Bayou City Pups and DFW Kennel Club to promote events and the community at large.


Finally, one unwritten role for the Events Coordinator has been to step in to work on events for regions without a representative; as a pup who frequently travels between Texas cities for pup play events, I feel ready to fill this role if needed.


My schedule has significantly lightened since my last board position in 2019 and I anticipate being able to work collaboratively with the rest of the board to make Texas Puppy Club and the Texas human pup play community a great success! *wags*

Houston Rep

Austin Rep

Pup Sora​

My name is Pup Sora I have been a pup now  for 4 years and love to pup out and meet new ppl. My favorite toy is my stuffies and My stuffed pizza..... I am very genuine and love to help people. It is my passion.

​I would love to be on the board because I feel that do to covid I was not able to really do the things I wanted to accomplish!!  What I want to do is have a chance to show you I don't want events just for 18+ but also for our much younger pups. I want to share my journey with all of you and listen to what are members want. And most importantly I want to bring my ideas to life and get this club back to its roots and that the pups getting together and having a safe place to just be themselves and meet new people and have fun....

​Thank you

San Antonio Rep

Pup Madness

My name is Ignacio Mendoza aka Pup Madness. I been a pup since February of 2020. I work long hours, but I still find time to help my community in charitable fundraising. I also In the local independent wrestling scene as the “Texas Hellhound” Madness. My goal as San Antonio Rep is to not only represent the Texas Puppy Club but also a liaison to the incoming members that either have an issue, concern or question that made need attention. 

Dallas Rep

Pup Axo

Hi dere! My name is Pup Axo, I’m a little (ABDL) pup in the Dallas area, and I am running for the Dallas Representative of the Texas Puppy Club. My goal for this position is to welcome new folks into the pup/pet play community, spread awareness of general kinky play, and act as a role model for others to follow. 


I love welcoming new people to a group. I am willing to draw out the shy folks at a bar or party, or be someone people can go to if they don’t know anyone else. As a teacher, I am passionate about helping others and guiding them through their own explorations of themselves and their interests. 


I also love exposing people to new kinks, and learning about more kinks myself. If you attended Woofstock in 2019 or 2021 and thought, ‘what’s with all the folks in diapers?,’ that was partly my doing. My goal in life is to help everyone feel as comfortable with their kinks as they can be - no one should be [a]shamed for what they like, and everyone should know how to do their kinks safely. 


Finally, I want to act as a role model for others to follow. I know being openly kinky can be scary for a lot of folks, and that the general public may have a negative image of us sometimes. I want others to know that being kinky doesn’t mean you have to be seen as an outcast from society, nor does it mean you have to hide it. Be proud of your kinks!


I’m excited to be part of this wonderful group in a more official position, and I look forward to meeting those of y’all I haven’t met yet!

Fort Worth Rep

Saint St James

Chaos Pet, a.k.a. Saint St.James, has been in the BDsM community at large since late 2006. 
Saint served on the board of New Mexico Fetlifers where he co-produced “Evolution of the Revolution,” NMFL’s 2010-2012 conference, and served as NMFL’s liaison to Albuquerque Pride. Saint also worked to help form MAsT Albuquerque as a member of their board in 2016. 

From an education standpoint Saint has been teaching since 2009. Saint taught his first class, on Kitty Play, in 2009. 
Since then, Saint has also taught on various topics at diverse venues ranging from Seattle to St.Louis. 
Saint's primary passions are pet play, masochism in theory and practice, and energy exchange. 

Saint moved to Dallas in July of 2017, and has been elected as the President of Discipline Corps for a third term. 

Within the community Saint identifies as a Stray Hybrid Beast (he is a pup or a kitty as mood dictates) and an Equal Opportunity Masochist. 

El Paso Rep