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Texas Puppy Club Elections

It’s time to open nominations for the Board of Directors at Texas Puppy Club. Each year, we elect two of the officers (2-year terms) and all of the regional reps.


The positions open for this election are:

Director & Secretary (2 Year Term)

This position is responsible for

  • Take minutes during all meetings

  • Handle communications for the organization

  • Maintaining the clubs’ electronic assets

Director & Events Coordinator (2 Year Term)

This position is responsible for

  • Coordinate with regional reps to plan local events for the club

  • Organize regional events to pups and pet players from around the state to enjoy

  • Maintain the events calendar

Regional Reps (1 Year Term)

To serve as a regional rep, you should live in the region you are representing.


The regional reps are primarily responsible for the following:

  • Coordinate with the Events Coordinator to plan events

  • Coordinate with local clubs to jointly plan, sponsor, and / or promote events

  • Understand the needs of the club members in their area and communicate those to the board


The regions are:

  • Dallas Regional Rep

  • Ft. Worth Regional Rep

  • Austin Regional Rep

  • San Antonio Regional Rep

  • Houston Regional Rep

  • At-Large Region Rep

    • This new rep replaces the El Paso rep and will represent all members not in one of the city areas

Nominating for the Board: Now - October 31st

Each of these positions is critical in making the Texas Puppy Club a success. We need members like you who believe in the vision of the club to join us. Qualifying is easy. You just need to have been a member in good standing for a year prior to your nomination.

Are you interested? Just reply to this email by October 31 and let us know what position you are interested in. You can also nominate another member, but they must accept the nomination. Once nominated, we will ask you to provide a short biography of yourself that we can share with the members so they can get to know you.


Ready to nominate yourself or someone else? Just email us at


Open House to Meet the Candidates: November 1st - 15th

Once nominations close, we will open a special chat room to allow the members to get to know the nominees and to ask questions. This is a great way to get to know both the existing and potential new board members. On November 1st, we will send members the link to the chat along with the nominees and their bios.


Don’t have Telegram for the chat? No worries. If you have any questions for the candidate, just send them to us at and we’ll make sure to get the answers for you.

The Election: November 16th - 27th

The election will begin November 16th and run through November 27th. On the election day, we will send out an email with the voting link and a special code for each member to use while voting.

The Results & Annual Meeting: November 29th

On November 29th at 7:00 PM, we will conduct our annual Texas Puppy Club meeting. This important meeting allows the board to share details about things that have happened over the past year and hear from you about what can be done to make the club even better.


A week before the meeting, we will send out an email to remind each member and provide a meeting link to our Teams meeting room. Not a member? No problem. You are still welcome to join us. Just use the feedback form below to request a meeting link.


Please mark your calendar and make plans to join us on this very important night.

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