Sherwood Forest Faire

March 9


Our friends in the Austin pup scene are hosting a pup meet up at Sherwood Forest Faire this year! On March 9th 2019, they will be meeting at The Puffin (Booth 653) at Noon. They will be enjoying a beverage and giving some time for others to show. Then they will begin the fun puppy day of exploring, show watching, eating, drinking and so on!


They do allow pup hoods and gear, just please try to keep it to a PG-13 setting (bare chest is ok, but I would suggest at least shorts or a kilt on the bottom half). There are over 150 shows a day, vendors with all kinds of fun merchandise and gifts (décor, clothing, leather gear, weapons, paddles, candles, and so on), as well as plenty of food and drink options of all kinds of international cuisuine and faire food.


Be prepared to walk, and we are very excited to see you there! You can purchase tickets in advance at this link:

Standard Ticket Pricing is 22USD online, and 25USD on site for adults 18 and up.

Meet at:
The Puffin
Booth 653

Hosted by:
Pup Cirque
Pup Shelby

Sherwood Forest Faire: 1883 Old Hwy 20 McDade TX 78650