March 29-30


Exciting News Everyone!

We are happy to announce that two of our members have set up the first Official TFF Pup Mosh and Pup Meet and Greet events at Texas Furry Fiesta 2019! The Puppy Introduction/Meet and Greet will be held on Friday (March 29th, 2019) in the 2nd Floor Gaston Panel Room from Midnight to 1:30am. They will be answering questions you may have, and just allowing pups from all over the US and World to come together and meet one another, and make some new friends who indulge in both the Human Pup Scene and the Furry Fandom.

The Pup Mosh will be held on Saturday (March 30th, 2019) in the 2nd Floor Gaston Panel Room from Midnight to 2am! Come out and wrestle, mosh, and just hang out with other pups as we do what pups do best. Have a good and fun time!

Both events are being run by Kou (Pup Cirque), and will be assisted by Pup Shelby. They will be very excited to see you there!

Hyatt Regency Downtown Dallas: 300 Reunion Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207

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