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Austin Dungeon Mosh

August 16

7 PM - 11 PM

On Friday, August 16th, we will be having a mosh located at the Austin Dungeon in Austin, TX for all ages 18+.

The cost to attend this mosh will be $10, paid at the door. If you are registered member of the Texas Puppy Club, then the event is free to you! Please bring your membership card with you to the door. Donations are accepted, but not required. Any donations will be used for any future moshes in Austin. 

This event is RSVP ONLY! If you do not RSVP ahead of time, you will not be permitted entry. In order to RSVP, please respond to the Eventbrite event, OR to @PrincessPPuppy on Telegram. Once you have registered, you will be provided the address to the event. Responding to the Facebook event will NOT count as a RSVP.

Please be sure to read up and abide by the rules of the Austin Dungeon. If the rules are not followed, we not be allowed to use the space again. 

Please be advised that this is a dungeon and it has gear used for "play party" settings. However, this is a mosh and any non-mosh/sexual activities will not be permitted at this event.

Come out and join us for a fun time and our first mosh in Austin, TX!

Eventbrite link:

Austin Dungeon Rules:

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