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About us

The Texas Puppy Club is a non-profit social club (incorporated in the state of Texas) founded in 2017 to bring together the clubs and pups from around the state and South Central region. Our purpose is to create a safe space in which the human pups, pets, and handlers can gather, learn, and grow. 
We will achieve this through:

  • Maintaining a communication, information, education, and support network for members of our pup/pet community in Texas

  • Promoting, with pride, the rights of all adults to engage in safe and consensual expressions or sexuality and leather / BDSM / fetishes regardless of race, gender identity, sexuality, age, or creed.

  • Hosting periodic events in which members of the community can come together and fellowship in a judgement-free space

  • Supporting our community clubs and organizations across the state and encourage the formation of new groups

  • Preserving our unique history for future generations


Texas Puppy Club Bylaws: Click here to view

Texas Puppy Club Policies & Procedures: Click here to view

Our History

In early 2017, the DFW Kennel Club began discussions about hosting a puppy camping weekend. They wanted to create an event that would let pet players of all types from around the region come together in a safe space to play, learn, and fellowship. They brought in other pups from around the state to help, and it became clear pretty quickly that this was bigger than any one club. So they changed their focus to creating something statewide and Woofstock Texas was born.


The planning committee worked hard, dedicating a great deal of their time and, in many cases, personal funds, to get the event off the ground. They hoped for 25 people to register but by the time that October rolled around, they had over 65 people signed up. They came from all around the state and even country with it being many pups' first event. Through the dedication of the planning committee and many other volunteers, that first Woofstock Texas was a tremendous success.


But something bigger than just an event was also born. The planners realized that they had a unique opportunity to bring together the pups from the region to support each other and to continue to grow. Texas Puppy Club was created to support the local groups and clubs and organize statewide and regional events to bring everyone together. 


Our Board

Please meet our current board. Texas Puppy Club's board is made up of four Directors, and they oversee all of the events, outreach, and education associated with the club. Our board meets once a month to discuss all club business. We also have representatives for each of the major regions in Texas. As members are added and the club grows, we will add other official board positions and committees. If you have any questions, or if you're interested in helping out, please don't hesitate to reach out and email us, or chat with us at an event. 

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Regional Rep

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