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Texas Conference of Clubs

So where is it?

Woofstock Texas will be held at the Texas Conference of Clubs (TCC) landsite near Cameron, Texas. Chartered in 1975, they long felt there should be a facility available for the men and women of our community to use as a campground, run-site, or retreat.

The Facilities at TCC

TCC has many of the comforts of home for your use during the weekend. These include:

•  Separate mens and womens showers

•  Bathrooms (shared by all but with stalls)

•  A large fire pit

•  Benches to sit on all around the space

•  Hiking trails

•  A swimming pool

•  A full kitchen (we’ll be providing the cooking)

•  An outdoor BDSM play area

•  Lots of covered picnic tables


There is also a first aid building, a large kitchen, an ice machine, and wifi.

Cell Phones & Internet

Cell phone coverage at the landsite is very limited. Don’t count on getting a signal. There is wifi, but it is slow and via satellite - if it’s raining, there’s no internet. It’s a great time to unplug and enjoy the woods.

Location Rules

Don’t bring or plan to consume illegal substances at Woofstock. Just don’t. We have a zero tolerance policy and will remove you from the event space immediately and ask you to leave TCC when you are safe to do so.

This event is open to anyone 18 or over. As such, we will have a very strict policy around alcohol. Everyone will have a wrist band for the weekend. Orange with "Under 21" means you can’t drink. Green means you can. No wrist band means you can’t drink.

We will not supply alcohol and will not have or allow any cocktail parties during the weekend. Those 21 and over may bring your own private stock to consume during the weekend. However, excessively intoxicated behavior will not be permitted.

Anyone under 21 in possession, in consumption, or under the influence of alcohol will be removed from the event space immediately and asked to leave the landsite as soon as they are safely able to do so. This is a 0 tolerance policy and there will be no exceptions.

Providing alcohol to someone under 21 (orange wrist band) will also be cause for removal from Woofstock.

Disruptive behavior will also not be tolerated.

Leave No Trace

Please help us by throwing away your trash and keeping your area clean. We must leave TCC better than when we found it if we want to come back for future events.

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