About Woofstock

When to Arrive/Leave

Registration will be ready at 5:00 PM on Thursday, October 10. You are welcome to join us any time after that. The event will wind down after breakfast on Sunday, October 13 with the event officially closing at noon.


What kind of fun activities will there be to do?


Ready to let your inner puppy be free and play with other pups (and kitties and other critters)? We’ll have mats set up for you to do just that. If you’ve never moshed before, that’s ok. We’ll give you a few tips or just sit back and watch for a while.


While no specific gear is needed to be a pup, we do recommend you have knee pads and hand mitts. You can hurt your knees and knuckles otherwise.


Agility Course

Ready to show off your skills? We will have an agility course set up with hoops and tunnels and all kinds of fun things.

Ball Pit

Imagine a huge pit with thousands of balls just begging for a puppy to dive in. That’s what you’ll find. There may even be a few prizes hidden in there if you dig hard enough.



We will also have a few workshops on Friday with topics to help those new to puppy play and those who have been wagging their tails for years. We’ll have more details in the coming months.


Games and Much Much More

We’ll also have lots of games and other fun activities. How much or how little you participate is up to you. Don’t forget the hiking trails, swimming pool, and play areas...or you can hang out by the fire and visit with your fellow pups.

What's for dinner

We’re still finalizing our menu for the weekend but don’t worry . . . there are many delicious treats in store for you. Your meals from Thursday dinner through Sunday breakfast are included in your registration plus some snacks, bottled water, tea, and lemonade.

If you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies, please let us know when you register. We will work with you where we can.


TCC and Woofstock are play and sex positive spaces. There are not formal play times scheduled, there will not be a formal “play party”, and there are not dungeon monitors scheduled for the weekend. If you are doing BDSM play with someone new or trying new things, we recommend that you have a friend close by or have one of the event team around to make sure everything goes okay.

Clean up your own messes. Leave your play space better than you found it. There will be cleaning solutions and paper towels around the outdoor play area. Red is the house safe word and must be honored.

Play is at your own risk.

When playing, we ask that you stick to the outdoor play space or areas away from the main crowd to not disrupt others. We will have condoms and lube packs around if needed.