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South central pup and handler contest

Date and Times TBA

UPDATE 8.27.19 - Due to Beyond Vanilla canceling their event, the SCPAH contest has been postponed until further notice. However, we're working on something amazing so stay tuned!





It's The Start of Something Amazing

The Texas Puppy Club and Beyond Vanilla are excited to bring you the second annual South Central Puppy and Hander Contest.


This fun filled weekend event will be filled with workshops, games, moshes, vending, and so much more. The contest is a regional one for the South Central region of the United States (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, & Texas). 


Beyond Vanilla & SCPAH

Beyond Vanilla and the South Central Puppy & Hander Contest have joined forces to present a weekend that cannot be beat.


Join us in Dallas, Texas from Friday September 27th through Sunday September 29 2019 for exciting workshops, entertainment, vending, lots of fun puppy activities, and our regional contest.

Please visit for all updated information!

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