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A Live Studio Audience By Pup Sunny

The following is a warning and a PSA, it will come across very negative and thats the

point. That said there are many positive sides to what I’m going to discuss as well but that is for a different piece.

Now, many kink sessions you will have in your life will most likely take place in a private

area with just the people involved in the scene. However, there are times where you may find your self at a kinkster gathering or play party or even a local dungeon/kink club. If you do find your self in these situations, and you do want to play in some capacity, odds are your going to attract some sort of crowd or on lookers. For extrovert kinksters this is where things go up a level. No matter how deep you are into a scene you will notice the crowd eventually. Once this happens as extroverts this can have a wonderful positive effect on all players present, if all are a fan of crowds and/or being watched - but it can also have some negative effects.

Many extroverted kinksters will use this new found energy to push their boundaries and try

something new. While this is good in theory, its the responsibility of all involved to make

sure it does not get out of hand. Many times I’ve seen submissives (my self included) feed off this energy a bit too much, causing certain aspects of play, such as a cane hit or drip of wax or aniother inch of the toy that should have been a yellow stayed as a green. We then find the sub suffering the consequences of their choice in many ways even disrupting or tainting the whole scene of more lasting types of results.

The same can be said for the Dom. Ive seen a few times were the crowd can squeeze

an extra swat or paddle or toy shove out of a Dom where there normally shouldn’t have been. This can lead to many poor end results as well, including lasting damages and a loss of trust with the dynamic and the submissive. While this is the less common outcome it does still happen and needs to be addressed along with the rest.

This entry is not to say that pushing your limits isn’t good, it is. This is to say that you

need to be careful with the rush of energy having a crowd can bring. Ive seen it push people

too far, and I’ve had it push me too far in the past. So, if you are the type of person who gets charged up from crowds, work on making sure you use the energy for good and not let it push you too far past your limits.

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