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Finding my Sir by Pup Voltz

Before meeting and getting involved with my Sir, I was always jealous of what others had and what they were doing. It always made me feel like I was never going to have anything close to that.

Then I met my Sir, and he has opened my eyes and has put most of my jealousy to rest. I still have my moments of jealousy, but he always reminds me to give it due time and I too will have what others have. Even though he and I are still in the beginning of our journey, I feel so loved and cared for and my fears of always being alone are really starting to fade away - which I am loving so much. He makes me feel special and wanted, something I have never really felt in the past.

When I have bad days, I reach out to him and tell him and I am always comforted and cared for. He is always there for me when I need him. My Sir has been one of the best things to happen in my life, and my life is changed for the better by him. I really hope this lasts for a long while. I care for my Sir with all that I am and will do anything he needs or asks - and even things he doesn’t know he needs yet. I am indebted to my Sir for all the things he has done for me.

And to you pups who don’t have a Sir/Handler - don’t think you have to have one to be a pup. You make the pup, having a Sir doesn’t make the pup.

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