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Locking Up With Doggo Oso

Oh, the places you find yourself. Sometimes, they are a far cry from places you expected to be. I can safely say that I never thought I'd be sitting here writing this with a metal cage locked around my junk. Even less expected, someone else has control of the key to that cage, and control of if/when it comes off. All of this, I entered into willingly.  

When you're growing up, it's one of the few things you have control over. Once you realize you have that control - at least for a lot of people - you take that control in hand as often as possible. Growing up, getting married to a great guy, and eventually transforming that relationship into something different than I had planned didn't diminish that for me. I don't think I'm alone in enjoying my own junk - intentionally, or absent-mindedly. It's always there, and my hands just naturally find their way to it.  When I met my first pup, the idea of chastity was something that he brought up with me. I hadn't had much experience with it, but was happy to be able to take away his ability to get off without my permission. It just added to our power dynamic in a way that turned us both on. That being said, in the beginning, he had a hard time (puns, so easy) making it more than a day without needing to take the cage off. The longer he's been with me, the easier it has gotten. He's grown to enjoy the frustration and the loss of control. He's also realized that things can still happen, locked or not.  When I met my Sir, I'd never put a pup hood over my head before, nor a cage on my dick. I never had any intention of him being a dominant force in my life. I've always been in control, often to a fault. I thank my parents for a lot of my control issues, but it's served me well in the BDSM community. Submissives are often drawn to me, and I can't complain, but with my Sir I have found a side of me that wants nothing more than to NOT be in control. 

I like serving him. I like doing as he says. Pleasing him, whether than means bringing him a plate of food, rubbing his feet, warming him up when he's cold, whatever it is that he wants makes me feel good. It makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. When the subject of chastity came up for me, it was a wholly new idea that never occurred to me, but it was something that was going to make him happy. It also excited me to be on the other side of a kink that I'd only been on the giving end, and not the receiving.  I've found that something comes over me when I feel the click of the lock on my chastity cage. Knowing that I no longer have control over whether or not I can get physically aroused, not to mention control over my ability to stand while I piss, both excites and calms me in a way I never expected it to. It's a level of submission that is not one I thought I would enjoy the way I do, but I feel like finding this out about myself is not only making me a better submissive for my Sir, but a better Sir for my pups and a better partner for my husband.  While in chastity, I bounce between persistent arousal and absolute apathy about my dick. It is a constant reminder that I have lost that control, which arouses me greatly and strains the boundaries of the cage. That same constant reminder can also make me lose all interest in my own dick, and make me focus more on how I can please my Sir, my pups, and husband. When in that swing, my dick and my pleasure are both unimportant to me, and thoughts of the pleasure of those around me comes to the forefront. That being said, it's also a constant source of frustration. Thankfully, my husband and pups and many of our friends take full advantage of that frustration by tempting me at every turn. 

I always recommend everyone try new things. If you have an interest in something, try it safely and with someone that knows what they're doing. Push your boundaries. Maybe it's chastity for you, maybe it's restraints and a ball gag. As I explore this kink world that I've come to call home, I learn something new about myself every day. I'm a firm believer in experimentation and defying even your own conceptions about yourself. You're never too old to try new things. 

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1 Comment

Pup Bandit
Pup Bandit
Sep 25, 2018

Yes, I so needed this information and insight, thank y'all so much!!! AWROOO

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