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Meet Your Board: Pup Yomi

Hello! I’m Dontrel Johnson AKA boypup Yomi and I am the DFW representative of the Texas Puppy Club, the Events Coordinator for the Lone Star boys of Leather, and your current South Central Puppy 2019. I plan to bring home the gold from IPTC later next year. I am a black shiba inu that loves gaming, anime, food,and all forms of physical touch. I am also a kinkster pup who is not afraid to hold conversations about my kinks, why I enjoy them, and my experiences with them. In that vein I find it very important to educate others about what I know of puppy play, kink play, and all the neat fighting game tricks you can do to up your game.

What I hoped to accomplish with the Texas Puppy Club is to help facilitate a stable PAH for DFW area that will bring in pups from all around, regardless of gender identity, nationality, or sexuality. Our board has done a wonderful job in this endeavor and I hope we continue to grow and I am able to teach any and all willing to listen about pups and Handlers. I came into the community Fall 2016 when I was shown the pup races as well as having my first experience with the late cigar pup Spike . From then on, I’ve latched onto the community and done what I can to spread that love and enjoyment around. Being a POC pup as well, I think it is more important than ever to show that there is representation for people like me in the community and that we are welcome. And for people who think we do not have a place, I will show them how very wrong they are. Thank you for taking the time to read this intro. See you out on the mats!

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