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Yomi's Top 5 Doggos in Video Games

Being the total gamer nerd I am, what better way to express that than telling you my personal top 5 best doggos in video games. These are my personal top 5 from the games I have played, so I may miss some in the shuffle because there are a lot of games I have not played (I know! Shocker!)

5) Missile from Ghost Trick and Phoenix Wright

Yes, yes, I’m lumping two different dogs into the same slot, but they’re both Capcom dogs of the same name so cut me some slack. In Phoenix Wright, Missile is the most adorable secret weapon in the game. Secret Weapon No. 1 even! He’s a good boy who help Phoenix Wright by attacking Larry Butz for samurai dogs. Okay, so not the most useful, but he’s so darn cute! He’s also Phoenix’s best assist in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 as a projectile that his low. That was for someone out there. In Ghost Trick, Missile is an adorable pomeranian and a ferocious guard dog that only wants to help his master. Any more and I’ll spoil a great game. So go play Ghost Trick.

4) Rush from MegaMan

Another Capcom pup takes a slot. Rush is a MegaMan’s best friend that helps in a various assortment of ways as a robot dog companion to our robot protagonist. He sniffs for hidden items, gives you a boost with Rush Coil, gives you a lift with Rush Jet, and in his final form merges with MegaMan to create a jet pack super suit. A mainstay of the MegaMan series.

3) Poppy from Samurai Shodown!

Poppy is the husky ninja dog companion of American ninja Galford. Protecting his owner and doing the coolest tricks to make sure the opponent stays down. He’s able to twirl and slash with his ninken, poof and disappear to perform a death from above attack, and will rush at you full force and slash you to bits. Awesome ninja dog is awesome, thanks SNK.

2) Amaterasu from Okami

Le gasp! Another Capcom doggo! (See a pattern?) Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun, takes on the form of a wolf in the Capcom adventure and double entendre Okami (Ookami means both wolf and great god depending on your pronunciation). Debuting in one of Capcom’s most stylish games, she fights evil with ink, sunlight, and the power of beautifying the world and bringing color to it! This beautiful pup will always brighten your day.

1) Koromaru from Persona 3

Ha! Didn’t see this coming did you? Koromaru is the bestest boy, being the only animal so far in the Persona series to manifest their psyche into an alter ego. Koromaru is an adorable shiba inu who protects the shrine in Iwatodai and will fight to the end for his friends in S.E.E.S. He specializes in quick and swift attacks with a ninken or kunai in his mouth and calls on the powers of his persona Cerberus to inflict fire and darkness on all his foes. My favorite character of all time in any Persona series and my favorite doggo in video game.

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