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Meet Your Board: Pup Ben

Ben is a 27 year old leather man enjoying the roles of pup, slave, and Daddy. He has been active in the DFW community for the past six years, which he considers to be the best five years of his life to date. While he grew up around Baltimore, MD, Ben made Dallas his home about seven years ago.

After entering the rope scene in 2013, Ben fell head over heels in love with kink. His love of puppy play led him to create the DFW Kennel Club group in 2015, hoping to create a community that was more accepting and accessible, and with better discernment and consent practices. He is now grateful to see a flourishing pup community full of race and gender diverse people blossoming between the monthly bar moshes, quarterly play party moshes, and annual Woofstock Texas pup & handler retreat in Cameron, TX.

His life was transformed when he experienced the Leather community for the first time. Now, Ben enjoys his responsibilities as International Mr. Olympus Leather, sharing his experiences as a trans man and helping to educate people about their privilege by pointing out his own. He can be found bootblacking at various events around Dallas, teaching wherever he isn't asked to volunteer as security, or chilling at the Eagle.

After a whirlwind of a year spent with his Great Plains Olympus Leather title partner, Samsara, he has found himself in an amazing relationship with her which he could never have expected to have. His relationship with her is a surprising and fulfilling dynamic that swings wildly between Daddy/girl and simple lovers.

For the past 3 years, Ben has been under the consideration of his owner, Katrine. Although both of them are polyamorous and pansexual, their relationship is entirely based on service; devoid of sexual or romantic energy.

This might sound odd to some, but for him, it's perfection - his family born of mingled partners is precious to him, and he couldn't be happier with the life he’s been blessed by.

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