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Puppy bonds by Pupper eddy

Puppy Bonds by Pupper Eddy

Hi, i’m Pup Eddy, semi-new to the community and i’d like to give my view on the bonds made

between fellow pups. First I’d like to point that the pup community itself is one of the best,

loving, and accepting communities I’ve seen. It’s filled with very kind and loving people who care for one another and look out for each other. The Alphas of the pack heart-warningly welcome curious pups into the community and make em feel safe within it as if they were in their own home. They also strive to make sure no puppy gets left behind and are all feeling loved.

Pups, Owners, Masters, etc. are all loving breeds and special people whom create bonds with each other as time passes. The bonds they share and continue to nourish as time passes have special places in their hearts as they continue to love and care for everyone who becomes a part of that bond. I’ve personally made great friends within my pup community, and love them all like family, a growing family because there’s always room for one more! No matter whom it is;

Male, Female, Handler, Pup, or Furry I’d say everyone will feel welcome in this community,

even others who don’t know a lot about pups and are wanting to know who we are and learn

about us. I didn’t even know I’d be a pup until a certain special Alpha shined the light on me!

Then bam I’m in heaven now 😊 or should I say I’m in the Dog House?!?!

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